Sustainable Ageing

There is an ongoing debate, within and outside academia, about population ageing and its economic, political and environmental sustainability. 

But how can societies ensure ageing well for all? How do technologies shape a new ageing society? What is the role of social and inter-generational relationships within and beyond the family to age well? Which links exist between ageing and climate change? And what policies can be implemented to guarantee sustainable ageing?

The Working Group on Sustainable Ageing aims to focus on these overarching questions, analysing the potentials and the challenges of ageing at the individual, family,and society levels.The outputs will be discussed vis-à-vis their policy implications in a comparative perspective across European countries but also in an intersectional approach that accounts for variables such as gender and socio-economic status.

The Working Group also aims to favour a debate on Sustainable Ageing between researchers, stakeholders (e.g. NGOs) and policy makers.


The activities of the group are coordinated by a Steering Committee formed by Valeria Bordone (University of Vienna, Austria), Bruno Arpino (University of Padua, Italy), and Pearl Dykstra (Erasmus University, The Netherlands).

As a main activity, we plan to meet in a pre-conference workshop at the European Population Conference. In between EPCs, hybrid workshops will be organised at our institutions. All EAPS members as well as scholars from other disciplines who work on aspects related to sustainable ageing may join the Working Group and participate in its events. Representatives of NGOs and other organisations are also welcome to attend. Joining the group’s events usually is free of charge while participants are expected to cover their own travel and related costs. Hybrid events are however foreseen. Furthermore, the steering committee maintains a mailing list, through which all members of the group can communicate e.g. to announce their related publications or inform on related scientific events and job offers.

For information contact the members of the Steering Committee. This group is also actively collaborating with Population Europeand the Joint Programming Initiative More Years, Better Lives (JPI MYBL),which will facilitate dissemination of activities and involvements of stakeholders and policy makers.


Giorgio di Gessa (UCL, UK), Emily Grundy (University of Essex, UK), Hans Hämäläinen(University of Turku, Finland), Karsten Hank (University of Cologne, Germany), Luule Sakkeus(Tallinn University, Estonia), Elizabeth Wilkins (INED, France)

Steering Committee

Valeria Bordone (

University of Vienna, Austria

Bruno Arpino (

University of Padua, Italy

Pearl Dykstra (

Erasmus University, The Netherlands