Affiliated institutions

Population research institutes, national population societies and other organizations that have an interest in the study of population and are located in Europe, may seek affiliation to EAPS. Affiliated Institutions are entitled to be represented on the EAPS Advisory Board and can be involved in developing and organizing EAPS activities.

Population Europe

Population Europe is the network of Europe’s leading research centers in the field of policy-relevant population studies. This network is a unique knowledge pool and disseminates key research findings to policy audiences and the public. Population Europe has established collaborations with a broad range of stakeholders interested in population developments.

EAPS was one of the founders of Population Europe and works in close collaboration with this Network. The partner centers of Population Europe largely overlap with the Affiliated Institutions of EAPS. Joint meetings of these centers and institutions of EAPS and Population Europe stimulate scientific collaboration.

Affiliated Institutions

Where are the affiliated institutions located?
Where are the affiliated institutions located?
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