Side-meetings and pre-conference events

Several side-meetings and pre-conference events take place on Tuesday 28 June and Wednesday 29 June. You find these listed below. Many of these events are open to the public (with or without registration beforehand); others are for invitees only.

Please note that side-meetings and pre-conference events are separate from the European Population Conference. You do not need to be a conference participant to attend a side-meeting. At the same time, registration for a side-meeting does not give you access to the conference or to another side-meeting.

If you would also like to organise a side-meeting, please send your request to and we can see what is possible.

Wednesday 29 June


9.00-12.45 - Workshop “Using bibliometric data in demographic research

9.00-12.45 - Workshop “Healthy Ageing”

9.00-12.45 - Masterclass “Families, Child Development and Well-being

10.00-12.00 - Meeting EDSD-CED


13.00-15.30 - PhD network event

13.00-17.00 - Seminar “An end to rural population decline?”

14.00-17.00 - Side-meeting FamilyTies project

12.00-17.00 - Side-meeting Future Longevity Inequalities project