EPC 2003

This European Population Conference was organized by the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS), in collaboration with the Institute of Statistics and Demography at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), the Committee of Demographic Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Polish Demographic Society, the Central Statistical Office of Poland and the Polish Governmental Population Council under the honorary auspices of the President of the Republic of Poland His Excellency Aleksander Kwasniewski.

EPC 2003 convened in Warsaw, Poland from 25-29 August. EPC 2003 was a general scientific conference on population issues relevant to Europe. Although the main aim was to provide insights into European population trends and patterns as well as contexts of population changes, also more global population issues were addresses.

The particular scope of the conference was ‘the new demography of Europe’, including both the European demographic situation after the second demographic transition and the implications of the enlargement of the European Union. The key-note speech ‘Unification of Europe’ at the plenary session was given by Professor Bronislaw Geremek, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and the vice-rector of the College of Europe in Natolin, Poland.

The Conference was attended by over 400 participants. Next to the plenary session 50 simultaneous and special sessions took place, in which nearly 300 papers/abstracts were presented and discussed. In 8 poster sessions about 70 posters were presented and discussed.