European Journal of Population, Call for Proposals Special Issue 2024

Deadline 1 March 2024

The European Journal of Population invites  proposals for a Special Issue (SI) 2024. The SI should include around five empirical papers together with an introductory editorial that provides a more overarching (theoretical) synthesis of the individual contributions.

The proposal for the SI should be made by the expected Guest Editor(s) and submitted to the Editor-in-chief of EJP Trude Lappegård ( The proposal has to include:

- the title of the special issue

- the names and affiliations of the guest editor(s)

- the names and affiliations of the contributing authors

- a one page summary of the theme and overarching aim of the SI, its relevance and innovativeness for publication in EJP. It should be convincingly shown that the different papers fit together as a coherent SI.

- all titles and (half page) abstracts of the SI paper contributions

Procedure and responsibilities of the Guest Editor

The SI proposals will be evaluated by the editorial team of EJP. Depending on the number and quality of SI proposals that are submitted, the editorial team may decide to accept one proposal (for 2024) or two (for the two sequential years to come).

For the selected proposal the process of evaluation of the contributions will follow the regular review procedure of EJP (see below), whereby the guest editor(s) takes the responsibility of handling editor(s) of the manuscripts. The guest editors will be informed about the time line for the production process upon selection. From then on, the guest editor(s) will be the primary contact person(s) for the contributors to the SI and should inform them about deadlines for submission and further procedures. The full papers for the SI should be uploaded in editorial manager (the online submission system) and handled from there by the guest editor, who is expected to manage the complete review process.

Each empirical paper for the SI will be evaluated by two anonymous reviewers. The guest editorial will be reviewed by the editorial team of EJP. After reception of the reviewers’ reports, the guest editor(s) decide(s) on the manuscript and informs the authors as well as sets the deadlines for receiving the revised papers. It may occur that one or more of the submitted papers are rejected based on the reviewer reports. At this stage, the editor in chief will be informed about the outcome of the peer review process, and if necessary, a joint decision will be made on how to proceed. It is the responsibility of the guest editor to ensure that all papers are of sufficiently high quality and form a coherent set of papers for the SI.

If you have any further queries, please contact EJP editor-in-chief Trude Lappegård via