Council Elections

The elections for a new EAPS Council are coming up! To prepare for these elections, the EAPS Nominating Committee which was elected by our General Assembly (Jane Falkingham-chair, Kieron Barclay, Francesco Billari, Alexia Fürnkranz and Monika Mynarska) recently met to discuss possible candidates. The EAPS By-Laws rule that the slate of candidates shall be the following: for the post of Vice-President at least two candidates; for the post of Secretary-General/Treasurer at least two candidates; for the posts of ordinary member at least four and at most 6 candidates (Article 3.3).

The Nominating Committee took into account that current Vice-President Hill Kulu will automatically succeed to the office of President in the new Council and that current Council members Anna Matysiak (Secretary-General/Treasurer) and Giancarlo Camarda indicated that they would like to be re-elected.

Aiming for a balanced slate and happy that great candidates accepted to run in the elections, the Nominating Committee proposes the following:

• (For President: Hill Kulu)
• For Vice-President (President elect): Diego Ramiro and Emilio Zagheni
• For Secretary-General and Treasurer: Marika Jalovaara and Anna Matysiak
• For Council member: Annette Baudisch, Giancarlo Camarda, Juho Harkonen and Raya Muttarak

According to the By-Laws (Article 3.6) “Any five members of the Association may submit additional nominations to the Council in writing, with the written consent of the nominee. Such nominations must be received not later than one month before the beginning of the elections”.

As the elections are scheduled to take place by the end of May, alternative nominations should be made by Tuesday 19 April 2022 at the latest by email to