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How to apply

To be eligible for admission to the program, a student should hold a Master’s degree in demography, mathematics, statistics, public health, economics, sociology, geography, biology, computer science, history or another relevant field. Students enrolled in a Master’s degree can apply, but they are expected to have completed it and be in possession of the official title before the beginning of the EDSD program (in case of being accepted). At the time of application, students may, or may not be enrolled in a PhD program. They do not necessarily have to be enrolled in a  PhD program at one of the participating institutes. Students participating in the EDSD without being enrolled in a PhD program are expected to enroll for such a program while doing the EDSD or immediately after.

Participants must have a curious mind and a deep interest in demography and population development either of humans or of species across the tree of life, and a demonstrable competence in English. EU citizens must have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for the duration of the program. In case of being selected as a successful candidate, non-EU citizens will have to apply for student visa in the Spanish embassy in their country of origin.

The call for applications for EDSD 2022-2023 is expected in February 2022.