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Life Styles, Contraception and Parenthood

Under the auspices of EAPS, this workshop was organized by the Nether lands Interuniversity Demographic Institute (NIDI) in co-operation with the University of Wageningen. The workshop focused on determinants and consequences of demographic trends with regard to life styles (cohabitation, marriage, the role of children, life style dynamics), adolescent fertility, voluntary childlessness and parenthood. Some 35 scientists took part in this workshop. The results were published in: Hein Moors and Jeannette Schoorl (eds.) (1988), Lifestyles, contraception and parenthood. The Hague / Brussels: NIDI CBGS Publications # 17, 407 pp. ISBN 90-70990-07-5.

Wednesday, September 24, 1986 to Friday, September 26, 1986
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