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International Migration: challenges for European populations

This conference was jointly organized by EAPS, the Demographer's Group of the Italian Statistical Society (GCD-SIS) and the University of Bari (Italy). Throughout history international migration has played a significant part in shaping European populations. Recent decades saw migrant flows coming to Europe from non-'traditional' countries with new types and new strategies of migration. The Conference aimed at providing new insights in the mechanisms that trigger international migration, in the ways that this demographic process influences both migration sending and receiving countries and the lives and well-being of migrants and the citizens of the countries concerned. Against this background, the Conference specifically focussed on international migration which affects Europe, although other insights, e.g. of the theoretical or policy oriented nature, which may help to better understand international migration issues in their European context, were also treated. The Conference took place at Bari University from 25-27 June 1998. The Conference was structured in 3 plenary sessions and 13 parallel specialized sessions.

Wednesday, June 24, 1998 to Friday, June 26, 1998
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