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GIS workshop, 30 August 2016

The EAPS Health, Morbidity and Mortality Working Group is organizing this workshop to be held in conjunction with EPC in Mainz, Germany.

1. GIS workshop, Tuesday 30th August (day before EPC starts) led by Dr. Nik Lomax of Leeds University.

Population researchers have access to a huge range of spatial data, so being able to visualise, interpret and analyse this information is an important skill. This workshop is aimed at population researchers who want to use GIS software to visualise the geographic coverage of their data. The session addresses the basics of visualising spatial data and analysing results before moving on to techniques for identifying patterns and trends.
    This is a hands on course where participants will use open source GIS software to visualise and analyse population data. The workshop uses QGIS, a software platform that researchers can use without the need for an expensive licence so skills learned can easily be applied elsewhere. Beginner and intermediate users are welcome as there will be a range of material on offer. Participants are asked to bring their own laptops to the training session and instructions for downloading and installing the QGIS software will be sent out prior to the workshop.
    The workshop will consist of two three hour sessions. The morning session will cover the basics of cartographic design (colour schemes, co-ordinate systems, types of geographic representation) and data preparation. The afternoon system will introduce some more advanced techniques for spatial analysis (e.g. clustering and cartograms). Participants are welcome to bring their own datasets for exploration, so long as they have (or know where to access) the geographic boundaries.

Cost: The workshop is supported by EAPS and there will be no participation cost. Registration is required, first come, first served, and there will be a small cost for refreshments (morning and afternoon tea, sandwich lunch). Details to follow. Registration limit 25 people

If you are interested in participating in this workshop please inform the Coordinator of the Working Group Jon Anson:


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GIS Workshop led by Nik Lomax, Leeds University