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The Second Demographic Transition in Europe

EuroConference on the implications of family and fertility change for individuals, families and society (Euresco Conferences, a programme of the European Science Foundation; in collaboration with the EAPS Working Group
on the Second Demographic Transition)

Radical changes in demographic patterns have occurred in Europe since the mid 1960s. As a result individuals, families and society-at-large face new challenges in coping with low fertility and diversity in living arrangements.

This conference will address the current empirical and theoretical knowledge about the implications of these changes. Attention will be paid to the implications of fertility and family change for such issues as the relationships between
genders and generations, male and female labour force participation and labour market outcomes, the well-being of children and adolescents, population structure and the economy. In addition, attention will be paid to the challenges
provided by medical progress, and the question of whether immigration is a remedy to population aging. Finally, the challenges of family and fertility change for social policies will be discussed.

Paper proposals that fit within the theme of the conference are welcomed. The most promising and innovative submissions will be selected for presentation. Particular attention will be given to the participation of young scientists,
including graduate students, who are especially encouraged to apply for conference participation.

The conference is open to researchers world- wide, whether from industry or academia. Participation will be limited to 100. The emphasis will be on discussion about new developments. The conference fee covers registration, full
board and lodging. Grants will be available, in particular for nationals under 35 born from EU or Associated States.

Organising committee:

  • Hans-Peter Kohler (D, Philadelphia, US)
  • Ron Lesthaeghe (B, Brussels, B)
  • Dirk van de Kaa (NL, The Hague, NL)

Deadline for applications: 31 march 2003

Scientific programme and on-line application at:

For more information contact:

Dr. Josip Hendekovic or Anne-Sophie Gablin

tel: + 33 388 76 71 35

fax: + 33 388 36 69 87

Wednesday, June 18, 2003 to Monday, June 23, 2003
Working Group: 
The Second Demographic Transition in Europe (completed)
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