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Patterns of morbidity and mortality by cause of death as a reflection of social-inequality

Submitted papers (in alphabetical order)

  1. Jon Anson (Beer Sheva), “Cause of death clusters: Can they make social sense?” (
  2. Emmanuelle Cambois, (Paris), “Social differentials regarding disability and associated mortality risk” (
  3. Patrick Carroll (London), “The Reverse Class Gradient in Female Breast Cancer” (
  4. Joop Garssen (The Hague), “Will life expectancy continue to increase or level off? Weighing the arguments of optimists and pessimists” (
  5. Frank Heins (Rome), “Regional mortality dynamics in Italy. The case of diseases of the circulatory system“ (
  6. Domantas Jasilionis (Rostock), Dalia Ambrozaitiene, Vlada Stankuniene (Vilna), France Mesle, Jacques Vallin (Paris), “Socio-demographic differences in cause-specific mortality: evidence from the first record linkage study in Lithuania” (
  7. Ismet Koç (Ankara), “An alternative measure of relative poverty and their linkages to early age mortality in Turkey” (
  8. Katalin Kovacs (Budapest), “Educational inequalities in cause-specific mortality in Hungary around 2000 compared to those in Western European countries” (
  9. Juris Krumins, Silvija Kristapsone (Riga), “Violence and external causes of death – before, during and after transition to the market economy: case of Latvia (1984-2004)” (
  10. Amand Blanes Llorens, Jeroen Spijker (Barcelona), “Regional cause-of-death mortality Spain in 1960 and 1970: Analyses and tentative explanations” (
  11. Marc Luy (Rostock), “The impact of lifestyles and living arrangements on gender differences in mortality” (
  12. Netta Mäki (Helsinki), “Social variations in years-of-life-expectancy-lost due to suicide: A register-based study of Finnish men and women” (
  13. Svenn-Erik Mamelund (Oslo), “Mortality of cohabitants with common children versus married with children: a study based on Norwegian register-data 1987-2003“ (
  14. Jan Meszaros (Bratislava), “Mortality in the regions of Slovakia focused on the municipalities with low living standard” (
  15. Mariana Mourgova (Sofia), “Recent trends in cause-specific mortality in Bulgaria” (
  16. Vladimir Shkolnikov (Rostock), Dalia Ambrozaitiene, Vlada Stankuniene (Vilna), “Linked versus unlinked estimates of mortality and length of life: evidence from the first record linkage study in Lithuania” (
Tuesday, September 6, 2005 to Thursday, September 8, 2005
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Health, Morbidity and Mortality
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