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Individual, area and group variation in morbidity and mortality

On behalf of the The European Association for Population Studies Working Group on Mortality and Morbidity, and the local organising committee in Rome, we are pleased to announce a workshop on “Individual, area and group variation in morbidity and mortality”, to be held Monday 17th September – Wednesday 19th September 2007. The workshop is being organised by the Dipartimento di Scienze Demografiche of the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” and IRPPS-CNR (the Italian Research Institute on Population and Social Policy of the National Research Council) and will be hosted by IRPPS. The local organising committee is chaired by Viviana Egidi and Frank Heins. As in the past, there will be no registration fee, but participants will need to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Further information, especially regarding the local arrangements will be published in due course on

As we search for ever more complete explanations of differences in health and longevity, mortality research is expanding its gaze. We are no longer satisfied just to look at current conditions of the individual: the physical and social environment or the quality of public health and medical assistance. Without denying the importance of these, we are now looking backwards, at genetic, childhood and even prenatal influences; we are looking at household structures and the social environment, the effects of local-area averages, inequalities and social heterogeneity, and the way these all interact with individual characteristics. In a way, the question remains the same: what are the requirements of the human organism if it is to survive and stay healthy, and how do these needs vary with age and sex? At the same time, however, we appreciate that the answers need to be sought at many different levels and over a long period of time. The workshop will look at work being done at these different levels, juxtaposing them, and seeking new, synthesising formulations.

It is anticipated that there will be about 20 participants in the workshop, giving each participant a good half hour to present his/her work and then have it discussed by the whole group. Researchers interested in presenting their work at the workshop are invited to contact Jon Anson at (fax: +972 8 647 2933) with an abstract or preliminary conceptualisation. Please also send a copy to Viviana Egidi at (fax: +39 06 8530 3374). The deadline for submission of abstracts is Friday, 30th March, but please contact us sooner, if possible.

Looking forward to an exciting and productive workshop

Jon Anson

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Frank Heins

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Sunday, September 16, 2007 to Tuesday, September 18, 2007
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Health, Morbidity and Mortality
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