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Health, Morbidity and Mortality


This Working Group was launched in 1991 as the Working Group on Health, Morbidity and Mortality Differentials with Guillaume Wunsch (Belgium) as chair. The Group organized three seminars during 1991-1995. Tapani Valkonen was appointed as the new chair of the Group in 1996 and among other activities, the Group organized a special session on approaches to the explanation of differentials in morbidity and mortality at the EAPS International Conference in Cracow in June 1997. Tapani Valkonen was succeeded as chair by Anton Kunst (Netherlands) who unfortunately had to decide to give up the chair for personal reasons. The Council then invited Yonathan (Jon) Anson (Israel) to become the chair of this Working Group. In the over two decades of its functioning, the Group has set a very high standard in the quality of its meetings, both in terms of content and of organization.





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