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EAPS Outreach Award for Communication in Population Science

EAPS Outreach Award for Communication in Population Science

EAPS attaches great importance to the communication  of population science. We highly value all efforts of researchers to share the scope, relevance and outcomes of population studies/demography with audiences within and also outside academia. Emphasizing that these efforts are serving the public good, the EAPS Outreach Award  celebrates public engagement with population research.

The EAPS Outreach Award aims to encourage  researchers to better communicate population research. We value innovative approaches to communication which include, but are not restricted to, new ways of data visualization.

Nominations for the EAPS Outreach Award can be made at any time throughout the year. The one strict deadline is that nominations should be made at least two months before a European Population Conference. The next European Population Conference is EPC 2018 which will convene in Brussels, 6-9 June 2018. This means that the current deadline for this Award is 1 April 2018!

Rules of Play for the EAPS Outreach Award:

  • Candidates are individual population scholars who are member of EAPS.
  • Candidates may nominate themselves for this Award. Candidates may also be nominated by at least five peers who are members of EAPS and who are residing in at least three different countries. The Jury may invite nominations as well.
  • Nominations should include a short (maximum one page) explanatory statement about the communication achievements. A curriculum vitae of the nominee should also be included.
  • Nominations should be sent to EAPS and will be treated as confidential.
  • The Council of EAPS appoints an independent Jury of peers for this Award.
  • The Jury consists of at least three members, one of whom will act as Chair.
  • The Jury is free to organize its work as it deems appropriate and follows generally accepted scientific principles and criteria.
  • Jury proceedings are confidential. The Jury submits a written report to the EAPS Council indicating the successful laureate and the motivation of the Jury. This report is published at the EAPS website.
  • Awards are presented at each European Population Conference.
  • The EAPS Outreach Award brings a Euro 1000 cash benefit and a certificate.