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European Population Conference 2018. Registration opens soon! EAPS members can have a discount but rules apply.

The next European Population Conference will convene in Brussels from 6-9 June 2018.  Registration will open in February 2018.

In order to take advantage of the special EAPS member discount of the registration fee for EPC 2018, your EAPS membership should be active on 1 February 2018. So make sure that you pay your EAPS membership fee in time and by that date at the latest!! 


Reconstituted Families in Europe

This workshop discussed the state of the art of both theoretical and empirical research on this topic, in European countries. Sessions treated theoretical and methodological issues, characteristics, trends, experiences, consequences and policy issues. The workshop was organized by the Population and Family Study Center (CBGS), under the auspices of EAPS. The scientific Program included sessions on conceptualisation and perspectives, law and legal settlements, socio-demographic profiles, dynamics and experiences.

One Parent Families

Under the auspices of EAPS, the Population and Family Study Centre (CBGS) of the Ministry of the Flemish Community organized this workshop on the phenomenon and problems of, as well as the policies regarding one parent families. Some 25 scientific contributions from 15 countries were discussed. A summary report was published the EAPS newsletter (1986, 2). The proceedings were published in: Fred Deven and Robert Cliquet (eds.) (1986), One-parent families in Europe: trends, experiences, implications. The Hague / Brussels: NIDI CBGS Publications # 15, 365 pp.

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